Monday, February 19, 2018

BLOG: Shimek - Hard Luck In Freeport

We started scouting for the Texas Redfish Series in Freeport about two weeks before the tournament. We had several areas picked out before it began.

We had one lake that had several pods of schooling fish. These fish were gorging themselves on small shrimp. We used a small popping cork with a KFM (east beast and pumpkinseed). These fish were very spooky so instead of a hard pop we would just swim it into the school by clicking it along.

Our next spot was a series of drainages from some back lakes. These fish were filling up on small shad about an inch long. We were using the same KFM, but without the popping cork. We would throw it right up next to the grass on the edge of the current break. We had a couple of tournament fish this way but it was all dependent on an outgoing tide.

Our last spot was our kicker spot. It was a shoreline that was full of grass in the water. The plan was to drift along and sight-fish with a weedless KFM in the liquid shrimp color. In practice we had two 28.5” fish that went 10.1# and 8.8#.

On tournament day we started out on the schooling fish. When we got there the tide had come up about two feet overnight. We tried to find them for about two hours without any luck. They either stopped feeding or they left the lake.

We moved on to the drainages near some back lakes. The water was still pumping in and had everything muddied up. We had a few small fish but no big fish.

We ended up sight-fishing the rest of the day. On our first drift was a 6.5# and we had a few small fish. With the overcast sky and the high water we could not find another one to complete the stringer.

It was a very disappointing day to say the least. We were confident we could bring in 15 to 16 pounds,  but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Congratulations to Rhett and Neil Hollaway on their winning stringer. It was their time to win one. We are headed to Rockport for the next event this weekend.

Until next time,
Mike Shimek - Team TTF


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