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The Texas Tackle Factory is a company made up of proud Texans that is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of Texas saltwater anglers. While our products work well in many coastal regions, our focus is proudly directed on Texas. This focus enables the Texas Tackle Factory to deliver fishing gear with an unmatched combination of performance, quality, and value to the Lone Star State's angling community.

The genesis of the Texas Tackle Factory goes back to 1959. It was in that year; Ray Carville began to produce a line of products under the Ray's Quality Tackle banner. Products introduced under this banner included the Double Worm Puzzler, Ray's Quality Leaders, and Ray's Worm Jigs. In fact, the Ray's Worm Jigs were the first soft plastic baits ever to be introduced to Texas saltwater fishermen. Forty years and millions of caught fish later, many of these products are still being produced and remain as favorites today.

In the dawning of the new millennium, the decision was made to change the direction of Ray's Quality Tackle. This decision led to the birth of the Texas Tackle Factory and its lone star spangled logo. The new logo was the key element of this transformation as it symbolizes the two passions of the people that make up the Texas Tackle Factory; Texas and fishing.

Shortly after the formation of the Texas Tackle Factory, the Victoria-based company released one of the most successful new products to hit the Texas coast in a long time; the Texas Trout Killer. This bait, which proved to be an instant hit, was soon followed by the Texas Red Killer. Since the introductions of these baits, fishing combos, rods, and clothing have been added to the Texas Tackle Factory line-up.

In the future, a wide variety of new products will continue to be developed and added to our offerings. As with all of our products, performance, quality, and value are the top priority. The bottom line is that if we can't deliver all three of these key elements, the product or products being considered will not be released to the market. This is our commitment to all of our loyal customers. Please contact us immediately if you ever feel like we have missed the mark on this commitment.

In closing, we want to thank you for your interest in and patronage of the Texas Tackle Factory. It is our sincere hope that our products can contribute in a small way towards many wonderful fishing experiences for you and your families. Thank you again and may God bless you always.


The Texas Tackle Factory Team


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